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Whole Genome Sequencing highlight and featured applications---全基因體定序特色及未來應用

Whole Genome Sequencing highlight and featured applications 全基因體定序特色及未來應用 時間:107年1月23日(二) 14:00~15:00 地點:立夫教學大樓 3F 301講堂 講者:趙永剛 先生 ( 華大科技服務海外產品經理 ) 簡介: Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) provides the maximum possible information about the human genome. WGS interpretation also provides fundamental guidance for precision medicine. However, the sequencing cost is one of the important determinants for the widespread use of WGS. Technology enhancements have enabled lower sequencing costs. Globally, BGI is the most cost effective provider of high quality WGS with only hundreds dollar. This presentation will give an introduction to the various applications of BGISEQ based WGS solutions and the data performance comparison between BGISEQ and illumine HiSeq platforms. 海報
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公告時間: 2018-01-09 10:30:24


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