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DIABETES & BEYOND:New insights and emerging biomarkers


DIABETES & BEYOND:New insights and emerging biomarkers

時間:101年6月19日(二) 15:00~17:00
地點:立夫教學大樓 3樓 310 講堂
講者:Jibin Chi, MD.MBA.MBI Managing Director Asia Pacific Mercodia, Sweden

As the worldwide prevalence of metabolic diseases
continuously increases, it is time for us to rethink our view on the current belief, research and clinical management of diabetes and various conditions. This seminar will take you through the following key subjects:
• The profound discovery of Maillard Reaction and new insights on oxidative stress to highlight the importance of metabolic memory
• Current misleads and insufficence in the research and clinical practice
• The paradigm shift through emerging biomarkers and exciting new evidences
• New development in technologies and products from research to clinical
• Untold story about Mercodia

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