The instrumentation Center

Both of the science research progress and the science technique application depend on the aid of facility analysis and experiment. The continuous innovations of precise facilities contribute much on the academic, and on the advance of industrial technique and product quality. In short, the installation, renovation, and effective use of facility are the basic essential conditions to develop science and technology nowadays.
In order to concentrate the control and maintenance of all kinds of core appliances, to avoid unnecessary wastes of repetition purchase, and to elaborate the utmost use and efficiency of the apparatuses, in October, 2002, our school set up the Medical Research Core Facilities Center of Research & Development. Moreover, we hire and train the operating staff to operate and analyze in order to realize the research plan and then promote the academic reputation of our school.

At present, our center has installed the appliances as following: Confocal microscope, Flowcytometer, Laser capture microdissection system, RT-PCR, Bioanalyzer, Microarray System, MALDI-TOF, Q-TOF, LC/MS/MS, etc. These appliances provide the service for the outside and it only charges a certain cost. The present services our center provides of all kinds of appliance traits and of the brief introduction of the use points are shown on the website as following:

The purpose of installation: