This department is divided into the Division of Administration and the Laboratory Animal Service Center. The Division of Administration is in charge of the applications for projects, any academic rewards, the administrative matters related to the promotion of academic research and development, and the management and maintenance of laboratory equipment. The Division of Administration comprises the Academic Affairs Office and the Instrumentation Center.

The Laboratory Animal Service Center (LASC) is in charge of the feeding and management of all laboratory animals, and provides information related to the use of laboratory animals. We hope that through the above services, we can promote related services with a special focus on collaboration, sustainability, and transparency, as well as provide the most efficient and effective administrative support with friendliness to students, faculty, and staff.


The Division of Administration

The Division of Administration comprises two units: one for academic affairs and related administrative matters, and the other for the management and maintenance of instruments.

The main purpose of academic affairs at the Division of Administration is to help students, faulty, and staff to apply for various internal and external projects and grants as well as to promote academic research and development so that CMU’s research infrastructure is strengthened.
The services offered are as follows:

  1. Offering administrative services such as processing applications and proposals to the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the National Institute of Health, the Ministry of Education, and other government agencies.
  2. Offering administrative services such as processing applications for CMU projects and making announcements.
  3. Offering administrative services related to academic incentive rewards.
  4. Processing Ministry of Science and Technology travel grants to attend international conferences as well as verifying expenses and other related operations.
  5. Managing and maintaining CMU’s Academic Research system.
  6. Organizing and analyzing data on academic performance at CMU.
  7. Processing applications for out-of-school academic-related projects
  8. Handling of the affairs related to the Academic Research and Development Committee
  9. Handling of the affairs related to the Biohazard Safety Committee

The Instrumentation Center

In order to better manage and maintain the state-of-the-art instruments at CMU and offer direct and easy access to them, the Instrumentation Center was established in October, 2002. The Center centralizes the use and maintenance of all instruments to avoid any unnecessary waste of repeat purchases of advanced scientific equipment, and to get the most value and efficiency out of the instruments. The professional staff at the Center provides advice, technical assistance, and access to advanced scientific equipment, as well as any necessary training to faculty, staff, and students at CMU.

Affairs related to the Instrumentation Center are described below:

  1. Sharing the resources that are the expensive scientific instruments to all CMU. faculty, staff, and students as well as managing, maintaining, and purchasing instruments to increase efficiency.
  2. Propelling the advancement of the research and academic missions of CMU and offering technical services to all CMU faculty, staff, and students.
  3. Providing principal analysis and technical services to CMU as well as other institutions, agencies, and industries.
  4. Providing educational training, expertise, knowledge, and technical services on instrument use and lab safety regulations.
  5. Cooperating with CMU’s Incubation Center to provide principal analysis and related technical services.

The center has a Confocal microscope, a Flowcytometer, a Laser capture microdissection system, a RT-PCR, a Bioanalyzer, a Microarray System, MALDI-TOF, Q-TOF, LC / MS / MS, a Non-invasive In Vivo Image system, a Zetasizer Nano analyzer, and Bioinformatics software to provide services to CMU as well as other institutions. Reservations to use the instruments are welcomed.