The mission of the Office of Research and Development at China Medical University (CMU) is manifold. It is, on the one hand, to increase the university’s competiveness for extramural research funding, to promote all academic research and international academic exchange and cooperation, while on the other hand to provide coordination and support in the development of research grant proposals to government agencies and institutions as well as corporate and foundational entities with an emphasis on interdisciplinary efforts. The services provided by the Office of Research and Development include managing project development and grant preparation and submission, issuing publication rewards to CMU faculty members, coordinating proposals, and collaborating with faculty members and research staff to prepare competitive proposals, in addition to establishing a state of the art the Laboratory Animal Services Center and Instrumentation Center, both of which are meant to encourage on-campus research. The Office of Research and Development aims to serve the faculty, staff, and students at CMU with the goal of having CMU recognized as one of the world's top medical research universities.